Prior Learning

Prior Learning

Get your recognition of prior learning with Thoughtplanters.
Get your recognition of prior learning with Thoughtplanters.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acknowledges skills you've gained through formal and informal studies and work experience so that you can use them towards a qualification. It means you can get either a full or vocational qualification without going through a complete training program. Thoughtplanters can help you with Recognition of Prior Learning in the horticulture and arboriculture industry. 

Why use RPL

RPL means you can fast track your way to an industry-recognised qualification by using your previous work experience and learning. You spend less time studying and won't need to repeat training you already know. And you'll get your qualification a lot sooner. It's an excellent way to progress your career at a fraction of the cost of a full training program. 

RPL offers many benefits, including: 

  • save you money and study time
  • prepare you for a career change or promotion
  • improve your job security
  • improve your resume
  • help you move from volunteer work to paid employment
  • provide options for credit towards a university degree.

How does RPL work?

Our team of experts will assess your experience, including past qualifications, industry knowledge and relevant skills. You'll then receive recognition for the modules or units where you've demonstrated competency, and you'll need to complete any remaining units to get your qualification. 

Get your Recognition of Prior Learning at Thoughtplanters 

Thoughtplanters can formally recognise and register horticulture and arboriculture skills and credit them towards a vocational or full qualification. Contact us to learn more about the process or to apply for RPL.