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About Thoughtplanters

Thoughtplanters – horticulture and arboriculture specialists.
Thoughtplanters – horticulture and arboriculture specialists.

Thoughtplanters started operating in 2010, but its history goes back a bit further, more precisely to 2004. That's when five passionate arborists in Wellington came up with a business idea. They all recognised the lack of horticulture and arboriculture training in New Zealand, so they formed a plan to fill the gap in the market and offer quality training to aspiring horticulturists throughout the country. And that was the start of Horttraining. 

After finding a bunch of trainers with the right amount of skill and passion, the company was off the ground, providing theory and practical training in the horticulture, arboriculture and utility line-clearance industries. 

The five arborists succeeded beyond their expectations. Within a few years, they had developed multiple training programmes across a range of industry sectors in New Zealand. Their idea worked so well that recognition and interest in the business began to grow overseas. Naturally, the next step of their journey was to expand internationally. 

In 2010, Thoughtplanters took over the business to meet the needs of a growing national and international market. But the foundation remains the same. Our team share the same values as Horttraining – a passion for the industry and an inspiring learning culture. 

Our mission 

Our mission has always been simple but effective – we want to provide practical training for practical people, helping students grow their careers in the horticulture and arboriculture industry. We have a solid team of trainers with years of experience working in the real world, eager to pass on their wealth of knowledge and skills. 

Why choose Thoughtplanters?

Our difference is that we go far beyond conventional horticulture training. We're challenging, rebellious, open-minded, inspiring and abundant. We're forward-thinkers who teach people to alter their perspectives. With our flexible approach, we offer training at multiple locations, making it more convenient to get the training you need.